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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Time to save the environment is NOW !

If you want to save the environment, start off by looking at what you put in your mouth.

Whatever your diet, and whatever reasons you have for eating the foods you do, there are clear consequences to what ends up on your plate.

Foods are not inherently neutral in the context of the earth, and most have an environmental toll. A few, however, can give mother nature a helping hand and reverse the chronic degeneration underway on much of the earth. Your food can actually save the environment.
Our world has finite resources, though from the perspective of a single person it can seem impossibly vast and abundant.

Water, which is so critical to all life on earth, is one such resource. Ask an inhabitant of the perennially drought-stricken western United Statesif they have enough to go on if you have any doubts. We can't 
save the environmentwithout water.
The soil we walk on seems infinite, but billions of tons of topsoil have been lost in the last 50 years due to unsustainable land management practices. We cannot save the environmentif we can't feed ourselves.
Our world is also vulnerable to toxic fungicides and pesticides which are liberally spread over crops, endangering us and polluting the earth. We can't save the environment if we continue to pollute it.
It's clear that one diet actually helps the planet, and that's a raw, organic, fruit-based diet that also includes plenty of vegetables as well as nuts and seeds.
Below, and in subsequent articles, I hope to show you why adopting such a diet is best not only for you, but for the earth as well.
Eat all you care for, but choose foods that save the environment.